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Trim till Bafang M500/M600 - 25-50km/h

1.600 kr

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Kompatibel med M500 motorn.
OBS! Garantin gäller ej på motor & drivlina med trim då komponenterna påfrestas mer.


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Produktbeskrivning för

Trim till Bafang M500/M600 - 25-50km/h

Chip till bafang M500/M600. Tar bort spärren vid 25km/h upp till 50km/h.


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9 recensioner av Trim till Bafang M500/M600 – 25-50km/h

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  1. This small upgrade makes riding 1000x more enjoyable. Not because of the speed, but because it opens up the window for allowing you to maintain a smooth ride. When the motor is limited to 25km, it will stop assisting you at 25km/h and you’ll feel it. And it’s easy to get up to that speed. When your window of assistance is increased to 50km/hr, you now have more freedom to pedal at the cadence you want, without feeling hindered by the motor starting and stopping. It’s perfect, and it’s the only way I ride now. Even when at assistance level 1, it’s still a ton of fun.

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